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Master KH and HPB on Pranayama

Jul 27, 2007 08:13 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Master Koot Hoomi writes the following about a person who had 
practised pranayama:

. . . he has nevertheless, by the injudicious practice of pranayam,
developed in himself to some extent mediumship --- IS TAINTED FOR
caps added. 
quoted from:

Compare this with what H.P. Blavatsky taught in her esoteric 

Now, the science of Hatha Yoga rests upon the 'suppression of
breath,' or Prânâyâma. . . .Prâna, as said, is not
Jîva, the eternal fount of life immortal; nor is it connected in any 
way with Pranava, as some think, for Pranava is a synonym of AUM in a 
mystic sense. As much as has ever been taught publicly and clearly 
about it is to be found in Nature's Finer Forces. If such directions, 
however, are followed, they can only lead to Black Magic and 
mediumship. . . . The science of the Five Breaths, the moist, the 
fiery, the airy, etc., has a twofold significance and two 
applications. The Tântrikas take it literally, as relating to the 
regulation of the vital, lung breath, whereas the ancient Râja Yogîs 
understood it as referring to the mental or 'will' breath, which 
alone leads to the highest clairvoyant powers, to the function of the 
Third Eye, and the acquisition of the true Râja Yoga Occult powers. 
The difference between the two is enormous.
Quoted from Volume III of THE SECRET DOCTRINE, p. 502.


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