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OT - Tracking Msg Posters & e-mail senders

Jul 27, 2007 05:16 AM
by M K Ramadoss

>From time to time, one may want to track down who posted a msg or who sent
you a e-mail, for many reasons. Here is a program I just saw would help to
some extent. I thought some on the list may be interested in it. Personally
i do not have any financial interest in the software.


eMailTrackerPro 2007

Overview: eMailTrackerPro helps identify the true source of e-mails to help
track suspects, verify the sender of a message, trace and report e-mail
abusers. The trace analysis reports the sender's IP address, estimated
location, network and domain information, and any attempts. Automated abuse
reporting enables quick reporting of spammers, scammers and e-mail
abusers.Version 7.0g adds export rules/whitelist/blacklist feature.

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