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Re: More misleading claims from Pablo

Jul 26, 2007 06:17 AM
by Pablo Sender


When I read, I'm not in a defensive position trying to secure every 
quote that might support my "heroes". Nor am I a scholar in 
theosophical history. I've read quite a lot (I've read at least 10 
different biographies of Krishnamurti, like Jayakar, Lutyens, 
Narayan, S. Patwardan, Sanat, etc.)
>From a personal point of view, it doesn't matter much if he went to 
the church or to the cemetery. In the context we are discussing 
(because we were no discussing if K was a religious person, for 
example) it is the same for me: Why did Krisnamutri go to the 
Right now I'm not in the position to undergo a historical discussion, 
(I'm in another country, I don't have my book with me) nor I think it 
is the most useful thing I can do. I confirm what I say. If anybody 
read Krishnamutri's biographies he will find the references.
You can trust in my sincerity or not. I may be wrong in details about 
what I say, of course, or in my understanding, but I'm not the type 
of person who will say anything to defend a point.
Of course, I recognize that I should give references if doing a 
historical work (as I provide references in my articles), but that 
wasn't intended here.
I know very well we cannot change the mind of people, especially 
those who have a well established position. I don't even try. But may 
be other people who is trying to investigate the question and, 
hearing other point of view, they may begin their own research. 
That's all my intention.

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