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Re: Theos-World More on K and CWL

Jul 25, 2007 09:00 PM
by Cass Silva

Thanks for clarification Gregory.  Sad that even Besant fell under Leadbeater's sway.  He must have been very powerful.
  Cass wrote:
          Further to my comments on the claim that "Krishnamurti never called
[Leadbeater] evil" I have looked at my notes on this incident and find
further material.
At a meeting with friends, including Dick Balfour-Clarke, in India in
December, 1976, Krishnamurti was asked to accept the sincerity of all
those who worked closely with him in preparation for the Coming ? Besant,
Leadbeater, Arundale, Jinarajadasa and Wedgwood. He replied sternly: ?The
only sincere one was Mrs Besant.? Dick told me this in interview at Adyar,
1979, and reported it in his book, ?The Boyhood of J. Krishnamurti?
(Chetana, Bombay, 1977:42).
In speaking with Miss Mary Lutyens about my research for the biography,
Krishnamurti said: ?Leadbeater was evil?, and refused to discuss the
matter further, beyond the comment that he found even thinking about
Leadbeater, or hearing his name, distasteful. Miss Lutyens told me this in
correspondence and in an interview in London in 1979.

Dr Gregory Tillett


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