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Re: Theos-World On Koot Hoomi

Jul 25, 2007 07:28 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Welcome to the mail list. I am sure you will find interesting, shocking, and
informative discussions here. Since this isnot censored, feel free to post
any messages.
Many would be interested in your research results.

The doctrines of theosophy should and will stand or fall on its own merit,
no matter whose name is attached or what me or anyone thinks about
individuals concerned. There was a statement that "Be loyal to the idea and
not to our poor selves" by one of the Founders.

In a recent inquiry I made of an individual
from Kashmir, we surmised that the Koot Hoomi who went to the West for
education might have been financed by the king on a scholarship or
something of that nature. In the days of individual States in India,
many of the Kings had sent promising young men to the West for higher
education. If anyone has access to the Kashmir history, may be some
light can be thrown on this possiblity.

On 7/24/07, Karmic Nirvana <> wrote:
> Greetings All,
> First of all, this is my first post to this group and
> I am enthralled by the dilettantish discussions taking
> place here.
> I am very new to Theosophy. In fact, I am very new to
> belief even. But after a few inexplicable events last
> year, I had a rather definitive glimpse of something
> which has totally changed my perspective.
> Anyways after that experience, Theosophy attracted me
> immediately. I did my homework well and studied a lot
> of literature on it.
> I would be keen if certain group members have more
> information on the following:
> From the research done by the likes of K Paul Johnson,
> it was established that Master Kuthumi was none other
> then Thakar Singh Sandhawalia. However, the author was
> unable to travel to Punjab personally in order to
> verify these claims or find more proofs. I personally
> belong from Amritsar and was keen on exploring this
> missed portion of history further. Sandhawalia are a
> well respected family of Punjab and they have quite a
> bit of history [1]. If Thakar Singh was indeed an
> ascended master or was in touch with them (probably a
> group of highly knowledgeable Sikh Granthis who were
> master of esoteric occultism), then there would
> definitely be some kind of group who would have kept
> the tradition. My suspicion is further raised by the
> fact that Amritsar has a fledgling Masonic lodge. Does
> anyone have more information or leads on this? Like
> any people whom they know who reside in Amritsar etc
> [2]? I am also keen on exploring more facts about the
> Gyanganj or Hyperborea.
> Secondly, I also found out that some secret documents
> belonging to Count of St.Germain were passed on to
> some "Oriental" in Amritsar. Does anyone has any idea
> what these documents were and where they went? Any
> possible leads from any people you know who reside in
> Amritsar?
> I am in Canada nowadays, but I would be traveling my
> hometown very soon and investigate this personally.
> 1.
> 2.
> Thanks,
> Pukhraj Singh
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