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More misleading claims from Pablo

Jul 25, 2007 05:16 PM
by gregory

More historical delusions from Pablo. ?In fact, [Krishnamurti] went
to the church when [Leadbeater] died, even although the theosophist didn't
allow him to enter, and he remained outside all the ceremony.?

False. Krishnamurti didn?t go to the church services (held in Perth and
subsequently in Sydney). He went to the cemetery on March 17, 1934, but
chose to remain outside the crematorium ? as described in the account
published in ?The Theosophist?, April, 1934.

Perhaps we could have the source for the other claims: ?When K. entered in
his old room of Adyar (I think it was there) he made a reverence before
Leadbeater's photo.
And in one instance that people where talking bad of CWL and Besant
he interrupted and said: "They were very serious people".?

Dr Gregory Tillett


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