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"Krishnamurti never called him evil"

Jul 25, 2007 04:49 PM
by gregory

Pablo must obviously have undertaken a great deal of historical research
(using sources unknown to me) to enable him to make definitive historical
statements contradicting established documentary sources.
His claim that "Krishnamurti never called [Leadbeater] evil" presupposes
that the late Mary Lutyens was a liar since it was Miss Lutyens who
claimed (apparently falsely) to have been present when Krishnamurti made
the statement. She had told him about my research for the biography and
asked him if he would meet with me. He agreed to meet me, but said he
would not discuss Leadbeater or the past. He then said (according to Miss
Lutyens): "Leabeater was evil." I have the manuscript letter from Miss
Lutyens in which she told me this.
Perhaps Pablo would identify his source for so authoritatively denying
this claim?
It is easy to fabricate pseudo-historical claims (Leadbeater was, after
all, a master of doing so) but harder to provide evidence.

Dr Gregory Tillett


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