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Re: Theos-World The Leadbeater Allegations

Jul 25, 2007 05:35 AM
by M K Ramadoss

Looks like a good topic for a PhD thesis. Many may be interested in the
results of the inquiry.


On 7/25/07, <> wrote:
> Because most amateur Theosophical historians tend to be lazy, they issue
> "definitive" statements without taking the trouble (and time and expense)
> to consult source material. For example, the allegations against
> Leadbeater cannot be discussed seriously without consulting the Helen
> Dennis archives in the USA, or the Police files in the State Archives of
> NSW. To which might be added: the substantial archives on the case at the
> TS International in Pasadena (if they are still open to researchers). The
> Adyar TS Archives contain (or contained when I had access to them) a huge
> amount of material; I suspect these archives are now closed on this
> subject! There is (or was) a large amount of material in the library and
> archives of the TS in England. Likewise, a careful consideration is
> required of the material included in Arthur Nethercott's two volume
> biography of Mrs Besant ? he had access to people and documents now long
> gone. Almost all the material relating to the 1906 case was published in
> various forms and exists in a number of libraries.
> Those closest to Leadbeater and his boys to whose recollections I had
> access were Russell (Dick) Balfour-Clarke (whom I interviewed at length at
> Adyar) and Oscar Kollerstrom (one of the "boys", for whose memories I was
> reliant on his diaries, what he had told two of his wives (Jean and Brigit
> ? from whom I received information), and taped interviews with him
> undertaken by another researcher). Additionally, Wedgwood's secretary in
> the 1920's, Rex Henry, met and knew a number of the "boys" and provided me
> with details of what they had told him.
> Very importantly, there are letters and (privately published) documents by
> the eminent English Theosophist E.L. Gardner, who had obtained material
> from people then very much alive and well and close to the "troubles" both
> in 1906 and the 1920's.
> While I have more material than I could reasonably want on Leadbeater and
> the allegations against him, I really cannot generate the motivation to do
> anything more with it than I have done! The only "mystery" I would be
> interested in pursuing comes from Leadbeater's career in the Church of
> England. Arthur Nethercott suggested to me in correspondence that there
> had been a sexual scandal involving Leadbeater in his pre-Theosophy days.
> It would be interesting to know if this is true and if it is, whether it
> had any influence on his sudden abandonment of his Anglican appointment
> and departure from England (officially to follow HPB). I have not had the
> opportunity of tracking down the sources on this.
> Dr Gregory Tillett

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