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Re: Yes, Pablo, Thank You for Your Postings

Jul 25, 2007 05:32 AM
by Pablo Sender

Ok, I'll keep that in mind, and I'll see if I can talk to some people 
that may be interested, or do it myself in the future...

--- In, "danielhcaldwell" 
<danielhcaldwell@...> wrote:
> Pablo, I want to also add my appreciation
> to Nigel's for your willingness to post
> additional information, etc. concerning
> Mr. Leadbeater.
> I also want to stress that it is very important
> that all of us try to look at the total array
> of evidence concerning the various controversies
> involving Mr. Leadbeater.
> And if there are facts, testimonies, evidence that
> contradicts, for example, what Gregory Tillett has
> presented in both his book and thesis, then it is
> very important that all of this comes to light.
> If Adyar has evidence, etc. that would throw a different
> light on various issues, I would hope that this material
> would come to light.  The sooner, the better.
> And you can do your part in this by carefully presenting
> what you know and have read.  Not as a "defender of Leadbeater" but
> as a student who cares that the truth comes out....
> Surely the Truth concerning all of this is what we all
> desire to know.  At least I would hope that this is the case.
> I also was hoping that Anand would also show where the Tillett
> material is in error, etc.  He was suggesting that the real, true
> picture of Leadbeater is not shown in the Tillett material, so what
> is it?
> These issues are too important to simply ignore or set aside.
> Daniel

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