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Life the goal by J.Krishnamurti

Jul 24, 2007 12:29 PM
by christinaleestemaker

The attainment of Truth consists in unfolding life and in giving to 
life the fullest possible scope for its expression. To me the only 
goal, the only world which is eternal, which is absolute, is the world 
of Truth. A man who has seen this vision, even during his strife in 
the world, has established for himself this eternal goal. Though he 
may wander among the transient things, though he may lose himself 
among the shadows, yet all the time his life will be guided by this 
goal which is the freedom from all desires, from all experiences, from 
all sorrows, pain and struggle. For the one who desires to discover 
the eternal, the establishment of that goal is of primary importance; 
not the goal of another, not the vision of another, not the outcome of 
the sorrow of another, but the goal that is born of his own 
experience, his own understanding. Such a goal, when once he has 
established it, will throw light on the confusion of his thought and 
thereby make clear his purpose in life. I want to make this in your 
minds, as it is in mine, the very foundation for all thought and for 
all feeling.

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