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Re: Pablo, thank you for this dialogue.

Jul 24, 2007 07:33 AM
by nhcareyta

Dear Pablo
Agree totally.

Thank you again and best wishes.
Kind regards

--- In, "Pablo Sender" <pasender@...> 
> Nigel: > I wish to sincerely thank you again for staying the course 
> in this dialogue. After only twelve years in the Adyar Society, the 
> approximate age of confirmation in the Christian church, you are 
> certainly going through your baptism/confirmation of fire here on 
> theostalk!
> Dear Nigel
> If there is anything I've learnt in my life (as may be the case of 
> many theosophists) that is to be in the midst of disapproval or 
> misunderstanding. I don't mind it, because I'm pretty confident of 
> understanding, and I have learned a bit about human psychology 
> (through self observation, because all of us share the same 
> psychological processes) as to understand the value and limitation 
> any opinion.
> But it is interesting that you have noticed it. Because the group 
> cannot expect to investigate a subject (if it supposedly wants to 
> it) when there is a massive attack (immune system-like) as response 
> to the strange element. No wonder why many people refused to deal 
> with the subject here, since the more active members are clearly 
> against it. But again, that, at least, is not a problem in my case.
> However, I think the subject is coming to an end for me. We could 
> continue arguing endlessly, and I've said everything I know. Since 
> don't have documents to refuse the charges (I've never intended to 
> become a Leadbeater defender), I cannot furnish anything else. I 
> could only repeat myself, and that is a waste of time.
> I respect different opinions, and I don't want to force people to 
> change them. I don't agree with aggression, ill will or things like 
> that, but everybody is responsible for his own acts, so I leave it 
> them. 
> To me, how we dialogue is very important, because it shows whether 
> you have a sense of respect towards the other person, a certain 
> of brotherhood even in disagreement, a willingness to discover 
> something new, etc. And that is very important to me. Although I've 
> notice also that many times people are much better than their 
> opinions, which are but a very supericial part of the Self.
> Kind regards
> p

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