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Re: The second object of the Adyar Theosophical Society

Jul 24, 2007 07:03 AM
by plcoles1

Hello Nigel,
Thanks for raising this as a point of discussion.
As I see it, the clock cannot be turned back, when I first joined the TS, I joined because of 
the 3 objects (as they are now) this was what I saw the society as being there to promote.
People have been joining the society for many years now based on this understanding, 
and as I see it the Society is duty bound to stick to that.
I am interested to hear your perspective.



--- In, "nhcareyta" <nhcareyta@...> wrote:
> Dear all
> In light of recent statements and their implications for the 
> Theosophy of Madame Blavatsky and her teachers the following may be 
> of some interest.
> At the time of Madame Blavatsky's death in 1891 the second object 
> said nothing about the study of "comparative" religion.
> It read:
> "To promote the study of Aryan and other Eastern literatures, 
> religions, philosophies and sciences, and to demonstrate their 
> importance to Humanity."
> The implications are obvious. She was to be the "connecting link" 
> between "esoteric" Tibetan philosophy, elsewhere described as the 
> Aryan, Chaldeo Tibetan tradition, and the Western traditions. 
> The passage "...and to demonstrate their importance to Humanity" 
> clearly shows that she and her teachers had something specific they 
> wanted brought to the West.
> This object became diluted only in 1896 when it was changed to read:
> "To encourage the study of comparative religion, philosophy and 
> science."
> This permitted her and their dharma to be compromised by admitting 
> all religion and philosophies as equal in value. Whether they are or 
> not is a mute point however their wishes were clear.
> In fact in 1878 the object read:
> "The objects of the Society are various?to acquire an intimate 
> knowledge of natural law?study to develop his latent powers?exemplify 
> the highest morality and religious aspiration?to make known among 
> western nations?facts about oriental religious philosophies?and 
> disseminate a knowledge of that pure esoteric system of the archaic 
> period, and finally and chiefly, aid in the institution of a 
> Brotherhood of Humanity?"
> So it can be seen that the later theosophical leaders and decision 
> makers in the Adyar Society, including Dr Besant and Bishop 
> Leadbeater, changed the object for their own reasons, thereby 
> diluting and diverting the real purpose of the original impetus.
> It is for each to decide whether this was a wise decision or not and 
> what ramifications flowed from it.
> Regards
> Nigel

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