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Re: Pablo, thank you for this dialogue.

Jul 24, 2007 05:58 AM
by Pablo Sender

Nigel: > I wish to sincerely thank you again for staying the course 
in this dialogue. After only twelve years in the Adyar Society, the 
approximate age of confirmation in the Christian church, you are 
certainly going through your baptism/confirmation of fire here on 

Dear Nigel

If there is anything I've learnt in my life (as may be the case of 
many theosophists) that is to be in the midst of disapproval or 
misunderstanding. I don't mind it, because I'm pretty confident of my 
understanding, and I have learned a bit about human psychology 
(through self observation, because all of us share the same 
psychological processes) as to understand the value and limitation of 
any opinion.
But it is interesting that you have noticed it. Because the group 
cannot expect to investigate a subject (if it supposedly wants to do 
it) when there is a massive attack (immune system-like) as response 
to the strange element. No wonder why many people refused to deal 
with the subject here, since the more active members are clearly 
against it. But again, that, at least, is not a problem in my case.
However, I think the subject is coming to an end for me. We could 
continue arguing endlessly, and I've said everything I know. Since I 
don't have documents to refuse the charges (I've never intended to 
become a Leadbeater defender), I cannot furnish anything else. I 
could only repeat myself, and that is a waste of time.
I respect different opinions, and I don't want to force people to 
change them. I don't agree with aggression, ill will or things like 
that, but everybody is responsible for his own acts, so I leave it to 
To me, how we dialogue is very important, because it shows whether 
you have a sense of respect towards the other person, a certain sense 
of brotherhood even in disagreement, a willingness to discover 
something new, etc. And that is very important to me. Although I've 
notice also that many times people are much better than their 
opinions, which are but a very supericial part of the Self.
Kind regards

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