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What Leadbeater Admitted

Jul 23, 2007 11:17 PM
by gregory

Before the Committee hearing the allegations against him, Leadbeater
admitted to the Committee (and it is recorded in the minutes) that:
(a) he had ?taught? boys to masturbate - just what that can mean is
unclear but ?taught? is obviously distinct from ?advised boys not to worry
about masturbating?;
(b) there had been ?indicative action? - just what that can mean is unclear;
(c) there ?may have been touch involved? - just what that can mean is
(d) this had involved boys who had not sought his advice;
(e) this had involved prepubescent boys;
(f) this had involved a number of boys (athough, apparently, less than
The minutes were written up and sworn as an affidavit by G.R.S. Mead and
the person acting as Secretary to the Committee. The minutes were
subsequently published in a number of places. Leadbeater never publicly
raised any question as to the accuracy of the record.
I would assume that any person (whether or not doing so as some form of
?occult training?) who now ?taught? a prepubescent or pubescent boy to
masturbate and used ?indicative action? and possible ?touch? could
anticipate criminal charges and a period in prison.

Dr Gregory Tillett


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