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Re: "Why did Leadbeater invariably sleep with a young boy in his bed?"

Jul 23, 2007 08:34 PM
by Pablo Sender

Of course, all that stuff was denied by several people. Their letters 
are in Adyar, I read them.

--- In, "danielhcaldwell" 
<danielhcaldwell@...> wrote:
> Gregory Tillett wrote in THE ELDER BROTHER:
> ----------------------------------------------------------
> ...In her statement Mrs. Martyn recalled:
> "I saw Oscar [Kollerstrom, an adolescent] in a state of nudity
> in the bed with Mr. Leadbeater and Heyting also naked. He
> walked out of the room naked to his bed which was on the
> verandah...and I saw Mr. Leadbeater getting into bed where
> Oscar was and the light extinguished...."(p. 198)
> .....Why did Leadbeater invariably sleep with a young boy in his 
> And why did he invariably have a boy in the bath with him? It has 
> been argued that his weak heart necessitated such companionship for 
> fear he might have some sort of attack whilst alone; but does
> companionship require mutual nakedness in close proximity? And
> why did Leadbeater insist on communal bathing for his pupils at
> the Manor, with all of them in the bathroom, naked, at the same
> time? He was given an enema every morning by one or other of
> his pupils, in the presence of the others while they bathed.
> This, said the close associate of Leadbeater's who told of the
> morning ritual, may have given rise to misinterpretations. One
> could understand why."(p. 280)
> ----------------------------------------------------------

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