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"Why did Leadbeater invariably sleep with a young boy in his bed?"

Jul 23, 2007 06:51 PM
by danielhcaldwell

Gregory Tillett wrote in THE ELDER BROTHER:

...In her statement Mrs. Martyn recalled:

"I saw Oscar [Kollerstrom, an adolescent] in a state of nudity
in the bed with Mr. Leadbeater and Heyting also naked. He
walked out of the room naked to his bed which was on the
verandah...and I saw Mr. Leadbeater getting into bed where
Oscar was and the light extinguished...."(p. 198)

.....Why did Leadbeater invariably sleep with a young boy in his bed? 
And why did he invariably have a boy in the bath with him? It has 
been argued that his weak heart necessitated such companionship for 
fear he might have some sort of attack whilst alone; but does
companionship require mutual nakedness in close proximity? And
why did Leadbeater insist on communal bathing for his pupils at
the Manor, with all of them in the bathroom, naked, at the same
time? He was given an enema every morning by one or other of
his pupils, in the presence of the others while they bathed.
This, said the close associate of Leadbeater's who told of the
morning ritual, may have given rise to misinterpretations. One
could understand why."(p. 280)

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