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Cipher letter

Jul 23, 2007 04:17 PM
by gregory

Some advice for Pablo: if you are going to make historical assertions
(like Leadbeater said the cipher letter was a forgery, and that the letter
was typewritten) at least check your facts.

This is the text of the letter:

My own darling boy, there is no need for you to write anything in cipher,
for no one but I ever sees your letters. But it is better for me to write
in cipher about some of the most important matters??
[here follows some unimportant content]
?Turning to other matters, I am glad to hear of the rapid growth and the
strength of the results. Twice a week is permissible, but you will soon
discover what brings the best effect.?
[Then follows the passage in cipher which translates as:]
?The meaning of the sign is urethra. Spontaneous manifestations are
undesirable and should be discouraged. If it comes without help, he needs
rubbing more often, but not too often or he will not come well. Does that
happen when you are asleep? Tell me fully. Glad sensation is so pleasant.
Thousand kisses darling.?

Leadbeater was asked whether he had written the letter, but never stated
(a) that he had not written it or parts of it, or (b) that it or parts of
it were a forgery. He stated that he "recognized it" but "did not know it
in its present form", whatever that may have meant. Given that he was
shown a legally attested typed copy of the original handwritten letter,
this may have been a somewhat careful reply. Presumably if Leadbeater had
not written the letter, there was a simple response to be given. If
someone accused me of writing such a letter to a teenage boy (and I had
not done so!) I would clearly, precisely and unequivocally deny that I had
done so.

When Miss Edith Ward, in a circular letter to the British Section of the
TS, called upon him to admit or deny that he had written the letter (as in
the legally attested copy), Leadbeater refused to do so, saying that it
was a "gross impertinence" to suggest that he should!

Dr Gregory Tillett


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