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Tillett's New Summary ---- Testimony concerning Morya

Jul 23, 2007 08:42 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Dr. Tillett's latest summary of the evidence concerning
when C.W. Leadbeater was born can now be found at:


One might say, no big deal, Leadbeater possibly changed his
birthdate from 1854 to 1847 so that he would appear older and
more mature or whatever.  No big deal.

But it appears to me that the most disturbing
aspect of the "birth date" controversy concerns
Mr. Leadbeater's TESTIMONY that he saw
the Master Morya in London in 1851.

Although it would appear that Robert Ellwood
accepts the 1854 date in his THEOSOPHICAL
ENCYCLOPEDIA article, it is interesting that
Dr. Ellwood does NOT therefore grapple with
the following testimony by Mr. Leadbeater:


Madame Blavatsky . . . met the Master Morya
in Hyde Park, London, in the year 1851. . . .
STRANGELY ENOUGH, I myself, then a little child
of four, saw Him also. . . . Of course, I knew
nothing then [in 1851] of who He was, and I should
never have identified Him had it not been for
a gracious remark which He made to me many years

. . . one day in His presence. . . He Himself. . .
said [to me] ". . . Do you not remember, as a
tiny child, watching the Indian horsemen ride
past in Hyde Park, and did you not see how EVEN THEN
I SINGLED YOU OUT?" I remembered instantly,
of course, and said "Oh, Master, was
that you? But I ought to have known it."


Caps added.  Quoted from Leadbeater's MASTERS AND THE PATH.


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