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"Imagine Leadbeater trying to teach a child about masturbation..."

Jul 23, 2007 07:44 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Pablo wrote:

...I also read that he declare[d] (in his legal trial on the 
Krishnamurti case) he gave that advise, to half dozen of boys (If I 
remember well), without their parents knowing it, but only in the cases 
it was necessary and not as a general teaching. . . . 

I know the situation was delicate.  Imagine Leadbeater trying to teach 
a child about masturbation, in a period with no sexual education in any 
sense. He probably had to show a bit the child how to do it. It's very
disgusting, I know, and I think his action was an error. But it'd had
been worst if he had showed it on himself!!!

I do hope that there are no Theosophical teachers out there TODAY 
showing a child "how to do it" ....


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