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Theos-World Re: Should an "ideal" Theosophical Society study & "promote" these b

Jul 23, 2007 01:58 AM
by Anand

Dear Cass, 
Your wrote-
>   I don't agree. I believe Krishnamurti's methods complimentary to
what HPB said.  HPB says in her intro to the S.D.
>   "But it is perhaps desirable to state unequivocally that the
teachings, however fragmentary and incomplete, contained in these
volumes (S.D.) belong neither to the Hindu, the Zoroastrian, the
Chaldean, nor the Egyptian religion, neither to Buddhism Islam,
Judaism nor Christianity exclusively.  The Secret Doctrine is the
essence of all these.

Here HPB is telling that teaching in the Secrete Doctrine formed heart
of all religions (and not just one particular religion), even though
religions were different in outer expression. She is praising the
religions by saying that they contained truth, and that truth is in
essence the Secrete Doctrine.
Krishnamurti's position was exactly opposite. He asks people to ditch
all religions, including Blavatsky's Secrete Doctrine. According to
Krishnamurti all religions and all books are obstacles. This was
Krishnamurti's position, when his own organization was printing his
many books, and earning money by sale of those books.

>   So Krishnamurt and HPB agree that it is a waste of time to study
comparative religions unless one is studying the essence of that
religion and not the dogma.

HPB did not say study of comparative religions as waste of time.
Second object for TS was fixed by her as promotion of study of
comparative religions. 
Krishnamurti taught exactly opposite. He asked to throw away scriptures.


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