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Dear Pablo. A message from the heart..

Jul 22, 2007 03:24 AM
by nhcareyta

Dear Pablo

As you have mentioned before, hopefully, we have established each 
others' sincerity. 

Pablo, please, please consider the possibility that all is not 
necessarily as you think it might be with Bishop Leadbeater.
I say this with utmost compassion and heartfelt sincerity. Occult 
energies are strong in the Adyar Society and are not all positive and 
truthful. I have witnessed many times strong, intelligent thinkers 
believing the unbelievable. I have experienced broken friendships due 
to extraordinary states of denial. I have also seen awakenings when 
the mists of deception have parted and wonderful transformations have 
When our ego resistance is lowered only slightly, amazing insights 
can occur. Denial and defensiveness are energies of restriction where 
the utterly obvious can be clouded from our view. This is not to say 
that Bishop Leadbeater and Dr Besant were all wrong with their 
pronouncements. But some of them were highly suspect and the Adyar 
Society should apprise their members of this or at least permit them 
to be aired in its publications. This is not intended to be 
iconoclastic, it is for the purpose of simple fairness and truth, 
qualities which it seems you certainly possess.

Kind regards

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