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Re: Theos-World Leadbeater's Testimony of 2 encounters with Master Morya

Jul 21, 2007 08:01 PM
by Cass Silva

As far as I am concerned the Masters have not presented themselves to anyone since HPB.

danielhcaldwell <> wrote:
          In the MASTERS AND THE PATH, C.W. Leadbeater
wrote the following:


Madame Blavatsky . . . met the Master Morya
in Hyde Park, London, in the year 1851. . . .
STRANGELY ENOUGH, I myself, then a little child
of four, saw Him also. . . . Of course, I knew
nothing then [in 1851] of who He was, and I should
never have identified Him had it not been for
a gracious remark which He made to me many years

. . . one day in His presence. . . He Himself. . .
said [to me] ". . . Do you not remember, as a
tiny child, watching the Indian horsemen ride
past in Hyde Park, and did you not see how even then I
singled you out?" I remembered instantly,
of course, and said "Oh, Master, was
that you? But I ought to have known it."


Caps added.

Concerning this encounter with the Master Morya in
1851, notice that Mr. Leadbeater added that "the evidence 
of so small a child might well be doubted or discounted."

Yes, many a reader might doubt or discount the
testimony of a four year old boy. But what greater
doubt would such a reader have if he also discovered
that the small child in question was not even born
until 1854??!!

In light of (1) CWL's birth record indicating the 1854
birthdate, (2) the Anglican diocesan records showing
the same 1854 date, (3) the marriage record showing
that his parents were married in 1853, (4) that the
1854 birthdate is almost 9 months after his parents
married, what is one to conclude about Leadbeater's
testimony that in 1851 he ("so small a child"!) saw Master
Morya in London and that later in life the same Master
Morya specifically confirmed (according to Leadbeater)
the 1851 encounter??



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