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was promotion of Krishnamurti's teaching a big mistake

Jul 21, 2007 08:29 AM
by supreme_1l

When Blavatsky  founded Theosophical Society, she had certain vision
of what TS will be in future. There were some major concepts central
in Blavatsky's writing. These concepts also formed major portion of
the Mahatma Letters. Here are some major concepts with Blavatsky gave
- path of occultism, Masters, discipleship, study of scriptures,
books, reincarnation, man's constitution with it's many subtle bodies.
Krishnamurti's position was exactly opposite. According to
Krishnamurti one should not follow any Master, there is no path, books
corrupt minds of people, don't talk of reincarnation and future past
lives, live in the present. This Krishnamurti's teaching was promoted
through the Theosophical Society after the death of  TS President C.
Jinarajadasa. (Jinarajadasa did not promote Krishnamurti's speeches,
because he knew it was very  different.) After his death
Krishnamurti's speeches were promoted as Theosophy. 
How can students of Blavatsky and Masters accept this change in TS ?
If they accept Krishnamurti's speeches, will they forget teaching of
Blavatsky and Mastrers, which is exactly opposite of Krishnamurti's
speeches ? Students of Blavatsky doen't accept small deviation from
teaching. Now Krishnamurti made complete U turn on major policies of
Blavatsky. How can this change be digested by students of Blavatsky ?
Anand Gholap

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