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The Historical Christ

Jul 20, 2007 04:40 PM
by Tom Robertson

> TR<<Why not "until death do us part to start out with and then, after death does us part, we agree that the survivor never remarries?"Isn't that ideal what Jesus implied when he said that "he who marriesa divorced woman commits adultery?" >>
>My understanding is that emperor Constantine created the Christian religion and the Jesus character, his sayings, activities, crucifixion, etc, around 350 AD in keeping with his new official religion.  I have read (I don't remember where),  that there were no contemporaries of Jesus who reported on his life.  Apparently the Christian Gospels were all written around the time of Constantine.  For example, did the historian Josephus mention anything about the Jesus that Constantine refers to?  If I remember correctly, Josephus lived and wrote his historical accounts around 60 AD or thereabouts.  I have yet to find any reference to any "Jesus Christ" in his book.  But maybe somebody can correct me?

Annie Besant, in "Esoteric Christianity," authoritatively wrote that
Jesus was born in 105 B. C.  Isn't the safest thing to say about it is
that there's not enough information to state anything authoritatively?

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