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Re: Should an "ideal" Theosophical Society study & "promote" these books?

Jul 19, 2007 05:30 AM
by Pablo Sender

Dear Nigel

Your post is very interesting to me, and I understand your position, 
because it is supported on your experiences. My path was the 
opposite. I began knowing quite well the "outsiders "outsiders' 
perspectives" to discover almost by chance (I didn't know I would 
work in the Archives nor that I went there in other to find out 
anything) that those "perspectives" were in many cases inaccurate, 
when not malicious.
But you see, this is all my point: here we have two fairly sincere 
people (you and me) with different points of view, according to their 
experiences, features, etc. Could we work together? Or those 
differences in opinions would prevent it? If we could, on what basis? 
Should one of them (me, for example) accept the view of the other one 
and be in a Society that condemns Leadbeater? Should you accept 
Leadbeater and talk good things about him? This situation will always 
be present in different issues, unless we build a hard set of 
concepts to be accepted by everyone. That is what almost every 
institution did in the past and present. I'd like to try something 
different. Let's build a Society where people may say respectfully "I 
don't agree with this author or personality" and receive as 
answer "Ok, let's find out our common ground and work together in the 
same direction." I think this is possible.
Kind regards

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