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Re: Theos-World Arhat and Airhead

Jul 18, 2007 09:51 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

As I read this statement I rethink about the many incidents and talks over the last years.
I have to admit, that it is hard to remember of a contact with an Adyar member in any town where these people were not lying. Yes, the women at least were charming, no doubt.
It seems that the Adyar system of total control and espionage and social pressure breeds neurotic and schizophrenic people, who survive their madness only with the illusion they are chosen people and have secret for their own advancement. What is remarkable is their aggressive hate of any logic statement.

The same happened with the Hartmann lineages of TGD and ITV with their German twin of Leadbeater, Mr Erhard Bazner (with two dots over the a in Bazner), the main reason, why Hartmann in 1911 resigned from the Hartmann group. Under Bazner they also investigated their "lives", and of course all buddies had important lives, Goethe, Schiller, Kant, Mozart, Beethoven, the Apostles, Mary etc., all were incarnated in the 1920'ies in the TGD and ITV.
They had their secret E.S., their secret E.S. magazine from  around 1920 until 1929, were Bazner wrote many articles of his daily fights against ten thousands of astral warriors, dark brothers who wanted to destroy their TS etc.

Today the leading persons deny that this happened. The president claims to have been a close friend of Bazner, living for years in his house and he declares that there never was an E.S., nor had they a secret magazine.

I have original issues in my archives. They makes them driving wild, that a forgeries from Bazner's counter-player Hermann Rudolph. Interesting, that Rudolph was forgering a magazine for around 20 years under the misuse of Bazner's name and for the last around 40 years until his death he never protested against it in public or private.

The result is, that I, who builds up an archive (with many difficulties and very strong opposition) must be a dupga, a dangerous person, of course not a theosophist in good standing, someone who violates the aim of Universal Brotherhood, someone with bad karma, someone who will be punished by the Masters, someone who will be attacked with illnesses of the various kind from the Masters (funny, the Masters as kind of voodoo priests) etc.

Others  from other lineages share that view, as I dare, stupid as I am, to collect also texts from Purucker (o my god), also from Judge (damned!), also from Besant and Leadbeater (look, that is the proof that Frank is a dugpa) or even books from Hartmann (Frank is too young, he is under 65!).

If I would burn my archives or at least would collect all theosophical books, with exception of those from Blavatsky, Judge, Tingley, Purucker, Hartmann, Bazner, Rudolph, Besant, Leadbeater I would have a chance to become the smart theosophist of the year!!


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Subject: Theos-World Arhat and Airhead

When I interviewed Rukmini Devi Arundale at Adyar she "corrected" many of
the stories about 1925. There had been no announcement about "Apostles",
she told me. No-one had been declared to be an Arhat. There had been no
attempted visit to the Master's Castle. She had never been a
representative of the "World Mother". Nor, she pointed out, had George
Arundale ever claimed to have been the recipient of messages from the
Masters or from the departed. Ironically, as she spoke, I had in my bag a
copy of a small pamphlet by George in which he recorded some of the
messages he'd received from Masters and a post-mortem Annie Besant; I
assume the booklet must have been a forgery. Rukmini was charming,
hospitable and delightful. And almost every word she spoke to me was a

Dr Gregory Tillett


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