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Re: Theos-World Theosophy and Religions are having same fate

Jul 18, 2007 09:20 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

according to pope Benedict in his book on Jesus there were no gnostics before the Christians, they were rather a group within the early Christian movement....

Anand, Universal Brotherhood comes not when many people belong to many religions or when slave traders plots civil war, economic and ecologic war in the nations of Africa, Asia and South America and force the millions of foreign races as civil occupants into Europe and North America for mass race intermixing.

Nor comes Universal Brotherhood, if other nations, who prefer a more spiritual way of life, are rubbed out or the various cultures or languages are destroyed and all nations speak one language (Esperanto, English etc.), nor comes it via a United Nations or world government or when all nations follow one and the same "world religion".

All this is not Universal Brotherhood in the idea of HPB or the great Ones, it is bogus Universal Brotherhood in the judeo-jesuitic-masonic conspiracy (Rothschild, Marx, Herzl, Untermyer, Goldmann, Kaufmann, Morgenthau) or Universal despotism.

It comes not, when the theosophical ship would drift away in such political conspiracies of socialism, communism, masonry, jesuitism, judaism and the turn of Theosophists into hysteric, psychic and emotional idiots with switched off brain, mind and intuition, becoming stupid sheep of blind belief and worship of phenomena and empty words, striving to astral travels, secret initiations into the most secret secrets of the world by the Logos Himself etc.

In the true Universal Brotherhood each nations plays her own part in an orchestra and each individual helps to make his/her OWN religion as well as his nation more spiritual.
Then, on the buddhi-manasic level each nation with her own specific spiritual religion a harmonious concert will sound Brotherhood without the disturbance of a third part.

I know at present of only one government in one nation, where the leaders of the administration (at least) understood theoretical (and that is much) HPB's TRUE idea of Universal Brotherhood, when studying their public statements about co-operation and co-works of the nations and the defence and advancement of civilization, education, and culture and arts.
But examination is tabooed, you would need decades, if not a life, to get original sources, dicriminate them from bogus sources, and then understand it all and try to get have no "accident" (the war stribe masonic way of assassination), get not jailed, get not job, family and home lost. 

Why and who has the mighty power to tell the public the opposite of the truth and declare the making of WW I and WW II a step towards Brotherhood...?

And which idea do theosophists in the past and do in the present follow?
Keeping in mind, that, according to some comments on this list, neither the messengers of the Masters after 1891 were recognized properly, nor was and I fear nor is the last messenger of the last quarter of the 20th century recognized by the theosophists.


Follows nine quotes, which may be of interest to some Blavatsky students.


1. "We do not believe in the notion of God's chosen people. We laugh at this people's fancies and weep over its misdeeds. To act as God's chosen people is not only stupid and arrogant, but a crime against humanity. We call it racism."
- Jostein Gaarder,

2. "But the long-pent-up torrent has now diverged into two streams-Eastern Occultism and the Jewish Kabalah; the traditions of the Wisdom-Religion of the races that preceded the Adam of the "Fall"; and the system of the ancient Levites of Israel, who most ingeniously veiled a portion of that religion of the Pantheists under the mask of monotheism. 

Unfortunately many are called but few chosen. The two systems threaten the world of the mystics with a speedy conflict, which, instead of increasing the spread of the One universal Truth, will necessarily only weaken and impede its progress."

- Blavatsky: Collected Writings, vol. VII:253

3. "Zionism is regarded as a danger... the accounts of butchery of the inhabitants, of intolerance, and of rushless destruction of cities." 

- Talbot Mundy, "The Lama's law",  Ohio, Isis Books 1995, p. 6

4. "Hence the modern warriors who achieve such feats (with the modern improvement occassionally, of shooting their enemies out of the mouths of big guns) walk, most undeniably, "in the ways" of the Lord of the Jews, but never in the ways of Christ."

- B:CW VIII:263
Theosophy rejects also the Rothschild conspiracy (B:CW III:164, III:207, II:105) of terror, socialism, nihilism, communism, internationalism, Freemasonic World Republic, globalism, League of Nations, United Nations etc. and their "would-be benefactors" (HPB, B:CW VII:159):
5. "Theories of internationalism, being based on local point of view, can accomplish no more than to reduce all nations to one dead-level of suppression, leading ultimately to explosion more terrific than the outbursts of Vesuvius - matter seeking to imprison force. 
It is the Universal Law that makes possible the playing of Beethoven's magic compositions by orchestra of a hundred pieces. To compel the first and second violins to use their bows simultaneausly, would accomplish a result as futile in degree, and in its way, as any effort to bind the nations in one man-governed league. It is enough, and difficult enough, that nations should govern themselves; and they will never attain harmony by all striving to be the first violins. Order is attained by listening, self-government, and work; and not by listening to the next piece in the orchestra but to the universal symphony."

- Talbot Mundy: "Universal", The Theosophical Path, January 1924, Reprint: "The Lama's Law. Talbot Mundy in 'The Theosophical Path'", Ohio, Isis Books 1995, pp. 41-42.
6. "Surely it is not the living Mahatmas but "the Biblical one living God," he who, thousands of years ago, had inspired Jephthah to murder his daughter, and the weak David to hang the seven sons and grandsons of Saul "in the hill before the Lord"; and who again in our own age had moved Guiteau to shoot President Garfield that must have also inspired Danton and Robespierre, Marat and the Russian Nihilists to open eras of Terror and turn Churches into slaughter-houses."
- B:CW VI:19


7. "Yet the professed object of the Russian Nihilists, as constantly brought forward by the arrested leaders of the deadly secret organization called "the terrorizing faction," is the salvation of the Russian people. "The idol we sacrifice to is not self, not personal passion, nor profit," says Goldenberg in his confessions, alleged to have been written prior to his committing suicide in the Petropavlovskaya Fortress (November 1880), but "the good of society in our beloved Russia." Often, and unjustly indeed, has the Russian populace been suspected of secret sympathy with their would-be benefactors and redeemers; whereas the truth is that these modern Sardanapali, who, prior to perishing themselves, never fail to destroy dozens of innocent victims, were ever abhorred by the lower classes. For long years have many of these educated young men and women, masqueraded in the garb of working people or peasants, and adopting the ways and language of the working classes of Russia, mixed with their "younger brethren." By sowing dissatisfaction and filling their heads with revolutionary ideas, they hoped to bring about the much desired result-a revival of the days of terror in our own century-but with no effect."
- B:CW III:159
8. "We feel that the time is approaching, and that we are bound to choose between the triumph of Truth or the Reign of Error and - Terror."

- Mahatma Letters No. 49,

9. "All this to save the threatened authority of their religion and their own respectability and good name in cultured society. And even that, when free themselves from preconceptions, they have had to protect the honour of the Jewish divine chronology assailed by stubborn facts; and thus, have become (often unconsciously) the slaves of an artificial history made to fit into the narrow frame of a dogmatic religion. No proper thought has been given to this purely psychological but very significant trifle. Yet we all know how, rather than admit any relation between Sanskrit and the Gothic, Keltic, Greek, Latin and Old Persian, facts have been tampered with, old texts purloined from libraries, and philological discoveries vehemently denied." 
- B:CW V:198ff.

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From: Cass Silva 
Sent: Thursday, July 19, 2007 4:54 AM
Subject: Re: Theos-World Theosophy and Religions are having same fate

Not true Anand,
At the same time as the Nazarene (if he actually existed) were Apollonius, the mithraic cults, the isis cults, the gnostics, and the romans to name a few.


supreme_1l <> wrote:
Earlier people belonged to one religion. Now many people are getting
knowledge of many religions and philosophies easily. I have seen many
students who knew important principles of many religions. So new
generations will belong to many religions, in a sense.
This is a good change. It perhaps helps formation of Universal
Anand Gholap

--- In, Augoeides-222@... wrote:
> Anand,
> >>In olden days, when internet was not there, followers of one religion
> used to study mostly writings of their own religion.<<
> Yes , this is a "root" that damages "knowingness", "Beingness" and
"Doingness" a most important and critical "Triangle." I have noted
here in the years I have been here that the "isolation" and
"Inhibition" of "Gnosis" seems to be a dominant purpose line of some
groups and individuals. It accounts for a certain lack of mature
survey that leaves a person uninformed while reinforcing primary
considerations, agreements and postulates. Madame Blavatsky did not
avoid Knowledge she earnestly aggressively pursued it where ever it
lead her giving her direct perception, experience, knowledge,
operational ability and confidence instead of "FEAR." The Internet is
"The Treasury of Light" in a certain aspect that is personified by the
"Freedom of Being" to reach out and acquire in order to grow in
consciousness and understanding. Fixation is a mortal disease that
turns potential into "Pillars of Salt." Where Blavatsky writes of the
Adepts of Tibet and India and others, here they scorn , ridic
> ule, and disdain and malign the same as objectionable, what a
curious transposition. They are of course entitled to have a view as
they see fit, but "Bishops of Souls" they are not and no one here
appointed them such! They lay bricks to create a wall in the cave they
choose to close themselves off for the Gnosis of Mankind and
Theosophy. That is just my view, a personal view, one of many in the
stream of vivific life that is victorious.
> Regards,
> John 
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> From: "supreme_1l" <AnandGholap@...> 
> Dear MKR,
> In olden days, when internet was not there, followers of one religion
> used to study mostly writings of their own religion. Thought some
> studied different writings, majority did not have exposure to
> different philosophies. But now religious environment is changing.
> People are getting exposed to all cultures, all kinds of thoughts,
> philosophies easily. 
> It might create a new kind of consciousness, mental structure and
> religious behavior of people might change greatly in next thirty years. 
> Yes, people are not hindered by organizational politics and other
> obstacles. It is unprecedented.
> Anand Gholap 
> --- In, "M K Ramadoss" <mkr777@> wrote:
> >
> > One new factor in today's world that was not there in the past.
That is
> > Internet. All organizations when combined with control of ideas and
> property
> > and money, brings in politics of one kind or another and everyone
> > organization is expected to fall in line with what the bureucrats
> decide.
> > Such compliance can be overt or subtle and are effective due to the
> fear of
> > being excluded from the group. Groups also entice their followers by
> money,
> > opportunities to participate, award of medals, titles etc to reward
> > compliance.
> > 
> > In today's world, the big elephant in the room is the Internet.
> People with
> > similar interests world wide can discuss and disseminate ideas
> without any
> > censoring or control by those who claim to be experts or claim to
> know more.
> > This is the saviour of powerful doctrines which attract the
attention of
> > thinking public. In addition, now written material can be made
> available on
> > Internet without the intereference or censorship of organizations
> and their
> > leaders. We may have to wait for some years before we can see how
> fast the
> > Internet acts as a change agent.
> > 
> > In closing, I feel the traditional role of organizatons will be
> minimized as
> > days go by due to changes in communication technology.
> > 
> > mkr
> > 
> > 
> > On 7/17/07, supreme_1l < AnandGholap@> wrote:
> > >
> > > I think Theosophy is going through the same process as all other
> > > religions did. After initial founding of the religion, it always
> > > happened that different people arrived at different conclusions
> > > what constitutes true religion. After Jesus, Roman Catholic Church,
> > > hundreds of different protestant denominations, Orthodox church and
> > > like that so many churches were formed because of different
> > > interpretation of what true Christianity is. Each group says "our
> > > interpretation of Christianity is correct others are not correct in
> > > some ways"
> > > Same happened in case of Buddhism with branches like Hinayana,
> > > Mahayana etc. In Hinduism also there is tremendous variety among
> > > religious groups.
> > > So I think splits in the Theosophical Society, claims of possessing
> > > true doctrine , conflicts and bitterness due to difference of
> > > opinions, these are natural for the TS, as it happened in all
> > > religions. We will have to accept it as inevitable fact. Because of
> > > this process of differentiation, I think in future also there
will be
> > > number of Theosophical groups, each claiming to be correct.
> > > Anand Gholap
> > >
> > > 
> > >
> > 
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