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Re: Arhat and Airhead

Jul 18, 2007 06:40 PM
by nhcareyta

Dear Dr Tillett
Thank you again for another of your invaluable contributions. Based 
in rigorous research and sometimes personal experience, they help 
provide the opportunity for some of us to make objective assessments 
on matters requiring either an honest historical perspective or first-
hand knowledge.
You write, "Rukmini was charming, hospitable and delightful. And 
almost every word she spoke to me was a lie."
This has been my unfortunate experience with some, but certainly not 
all, in the Adyar Society either directly in person or indirectly 
through literature. It will undoubtedly be the same in most other 
organisations, theosophical or otherwise, to a greater or lesser 
Lies come in many forms and could be an interesting subject for 
discussion in this forum, particularly from an occult perspective.
Suffice to say, to lie for such purposes as deliberate manipulation, 
dominance, self-aggrandisement or the wilful changing of historical 
facts is perhaps not the way of a genuine Arhat, as some have claimed 
to be.


--- In, gregory@... wrote:
> When I interviewed Rukmini Devi Arundale at Adyar she "corrected" 
many of
> the stories about 1925. There had been no announcement 
about "Apostles",
> she told me. No-one had been declared to be an Arhat. There had 
been no
> attempted visit to the Master's Castle. She had never been a
> representative of the "World Mother". Nor, she pointed out, had 
> Arundale ever claimed to have been the recipient of messages from 
> Masters or from the departed. Ironically, as she spoke, I had in my 
bag a
> copy of a small pamphlet by George in which he recorded some of the
> messages he'd received from Masters and a post-mortem Annie Besant; 
> assume the booklet must have been a forgery. Rukmini was charming,
> hospitable and delightful. And almost every word she spoke to me 
was a
> lie.
> Dr Gregory Tillett

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