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Re: Theos-World John Algeo on Modern Theosophy

Jul 17, 2007 12:05 PM
by proto37


    Do you maybe have a "thing" for me?  (Maybe the ego or a different
type that really bugs you?)  I suggest you check out some previous
comments from MANY that drew no ire from you.  Just a fact.  Maybe
check out your own head?   A little give and take hurts no one, nor
does some common exchange of insults - which mean nothing, unless one
is so sensitive he shouldn't deal with people any way.  You're rediculous.

         - jake jaqua

--- In, "Eldon B Tucker" <eldon_tucker@...>
> On 7/16/07, proto37 <proto37@...> wrote:
> >  Pablo writes: >Kumaras, Manasaputras and Agnisvattas are the same
> >  entities: before, during and after having passed through the
human stage.<
> >
> >  Pablo, I think you might be pretty stupid. Any Blavatsky school-boy
> >  knows that ...
> Jake,
> Although it may be hard to imagine at times why someone has come up
> with the ideas they are sharing, let's stick to the philosophical
> discussion and just respond to what Pablo and others say without
> getting into how smart we think we or they may be.
> (This applies to all of us, but you've provided me with a good example
> to bring up the point.)
> Eldon

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