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Theosophy and Religions are having same fate

Jul 17, 2007 07:33 AM
by supreme_1l

I think Theosophy is going through the same process as all other
religions did. After initial founding of the religion, it always
happened that different people arrived at different conclusions about
what constitutes true religion. After Jesus, Roman Catholic Church,
hundreds of different protestant denominations, Orthodox church and
like that so many churches were formed because of different
interpretation of what true Christianity is. Each group says "our
interpretation of Christianity is correct others are not correct in
some ways" 
Same happened in case of Buddhism with branches like Hinayana,
Mahayana etc. In Hinduism also there is tremendous variety among
religious groups.
So I think splits in the Theosophical Society, claims of possessing
true doctrine , conflicts and bitterness due to difference of
opinions, these are natural for the TS, as it happened in all
religions. We will have to accept it as inevitable fact. Because of
this process of differentiation, I think in future also there will be
number of Theosophical groups, each claiming to be correct. 
Anand Gholap

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