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H.P. Blavatsky on the Kumaras

Jul 16, 2007 08:32 PM
by danielhcaldwell

I give BELOW (1) a simple definition of Kumara as given by H.P.B. and
also the Kumara entries in (2) the index to THE SECRET DOCTRINE and 
(3) the index to HPB's 14 COLLECTED WRITINGS volumes.

I would think that the interested reader and student could spend a 
CONSIDERABLE amount of time just reading and studying what H.P.B. has 
written on this one subject!!! 

H.P.B. also gives teachings on the Kumaras in her INNER GROUP 
TEACHINGS.  See index to 2nd edition.   

<Below is the KUMARA entry in Glossary to KEY TO THEOSOPHY, 1890 ed.>

Kumara (Sans.) A virgin boy or young celibate. The first Kumaras are 
the seven sons of Brahma, born out of the limbs of the god in the so-
called Ninth Creation. It is stated that the name was given to them 
owing to their formal refusal to "procreate" their species, and thus 
they "remained Yogis" according to the legend.

<Below is the KUMARA entry in the INDEX TO THE SECRET DOCTRINE>

Kumara(s) (Skt). See also Dhyani-chohans, Pitris

agnishvatta are II 78, 89 
aquatic & fiery II 578 
Brahma father of I 457; II 106, 249 
celibate I 236; II 82, 199n, 249 
chaste youths II 78 
class of devas II 90 
connection w zodiac II 93, 576 
degraded into Satan, demons I 458-9 
dhyanis or I 456-7 
every, has prefix Sana(t) I 459 
five, exempt fr passion II 577 
fivefold II 578-9 
flames or, incarnate in third race II 247-8 
fourfold, seven-fold I 89 
four mentioned, three secret I 457 
four preceding manus & II 318n 
four, sacrificed themselves II 281-2 
highest dhyani-chohans II 585 
incarnate in first two races I 457n; II 165 
incarnate in men II 176n, 199n 
Indra a, in early life II 383 
Kapila one of three secret II 572 
Karttikeya a II 106, 619 
married Devasena (Vach) II 199n 
maruts, rudras & II 613 &n 
ma used as anagram of II 577-9 
Michael, Karttikeya, Virgin & II 383, 549, 619 
Narada virtually a II 82 
one of seven divisions of dhyani-chohans I 458 
patrons of yogins II 576 
rebellious & fallen gods II 232, 246 
rebels, called by Hindus II 243 
refused to create I 191-2, 236, 457-8; II 243, 584 
rudras or II 192n, 576, 613 
Sanat Sujata chief of I 459-60 
seven names, of II 319 
seven, visited White Island I 236; II 584 
Siva, as Svetalohita or root- II 249 
solar deities, angels I 87-8 
tempting demons II 174-5 
Vamadeva a I 324 
various numbers of, (Puranas) II 577-8

Kumara [Kaumara] Creation (Skt) I 75

both primary & secondary I 456 
Ninth or, [Vishnu Purana] II 106

Kumara Guha (Skt), virgin youth II 382

<Below is the KUMARA entry in the INDEX to HPB'S COLLECTED WRITINGS>

Kumara(s) (Sk.): 

Angels of Catholics are, XIV 328-29 
Avataras at beginning of every Race, XII 600-01 
Builders or Dhyani-Chohans, XIV 328 
definitions, X 252; XII 645 
eternal celibates, XIII 9 
exoteric & secret names of, XIV 329 & fn. 
on incarnation of, XII 608 
first sons of Brahma, XIV 203, 328 
incarnated under Capricorn, XII 76 
incarnation of, X 343; XIII 9, 16 
not human egos, XII 608 
not Planetary, but Star Regents, XIV 329 
refused to procreate, XI 40; XIV 203-04 
sentenced to rebirth, XIV 204 
Virgin Warrior, cp. to Saint Michael, XIV 329 & fn. 
Vishnu,-Purana on period of, XIV 204 fn. 
Western mangling of, XIV 205 & fn.


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