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Re: Theos-World Re:Thanks Pablo for your remarks

Jul 15, 2007 11:50 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

I think you misunderstand HPB.
She never said that the next century messenger would be higher than she was.
It happened much with the new messenger and he left a lot of signs.
One sign has HPB given for herself in her last photograph.
The new messenger of 1975 has linked himself publicly to HPB.
What more do you want?

When speaking about the coming of a new messenger, who is spiritually higher 
than HPB, the pioneer, was, then she of course refered not to the century or 
exoteric messenger, but to one of her esoteric succeccors as O.H., who would 
appear in the 20th century and give ultimate and final proofs of the ancient 

Have you any idea whom HPB had in mind??

Is it someone, who personally met HPB - your requirement of occult 

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From: Pablo Sender
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Subject: Theos-World Re:Thanks Pablo for your remarks

Yes Karen, you are right. I'm sure something happened, and the
flowering of the New Age around the seventy's is probably a "side
effect" of it. But nothing happened in the sense of a new messenger
sent by the Masters, who would be even more learned than HPB herself...

--- In, Jaz 2803 <jz_2803@...> wrote:
> I enjoyed reading what Pablo wrote as well. One of my questions is,
how do we know nothing happened in 1975? Maybe nothing happened to
me,any of you, or big enough for the world to know about. But does
that mean nothing happened? I would say no. Only time will tell
> Karen
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