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Re: as above, so below

Jul 15, 2007 02:01 PM
by proto37

re:  As above, so below

   Everything in manifestation and nature is designed or "unfolds"
according to the same pattern - this pattern mostly simply follows the
number 7 - 7 classes of dhyanis, 7 types of humans, 7 rounds, 7 races,
7 principles in man, 7 sub-principles, 7 notes in the musical scale. 
Every thing follows the same cycles, - nations, groups and people. 
We're born, develop, produce, grow old and die, as do nations or
organizations.  The year is born (spring), develops (summer), brings
forth results (harvest - fall), and dies (winter.)  What you see going
on in yourself, is also probably the same thing that is occuring in
someone else, and you understand it by comparison and analogy. 
Processes in the Astronomical world may be by analogy similar to those
going on in the sub-atomic world.  Every thing works by the same laws,
and they manifest on different, descending and ascending levels,
heirarchies, or scales in everything in the universe and what one sees
around one. (Now if I only really understood this all....)

        - jake j. 

--- In, Jaz 2803 <jz_2803@...> wrote:
> Hi, I am new to theosophy, can someone please explain the phrase as
above, so below; so above, as below
>   Thanks!
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