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re << Buddha and Jesus came from same brotherhood, but that ...>>

Jul 15, 2007 04:26 AM
by Mauri

Isn't there a saying in Theosophy that might go something like:  "No religion is higher than truth"?   In light of what I have read, I am wondering about the origins of Christianity. If the historical accounts I have read are correct, than it would appear that emperor Constantine created the Christian religion.  If so, could it be that he also created the Jesus character, his sayings, activities, crucifixion, place of burial, etc, around 350 AD,  in order to shore up his new official religion? I have read (I don't remember where), that there were no contemporaries of Jesus who reported on his life. Apparently non of the Christian Gospels were written during Jesus's life on earth, but were all written many decades (or hundreds of years?) later?  Did the historian Josephus mention anything about the Jesus that Constantine refers to?  The name "Jesus" often comes up in Josephus' writings in reference to various individuals, as "Jesus" was a common name,  but I have yet to find any reference to any "Jesus Christ" in his book.   If I remember correctly, Josephus lived and wrote his historical accounts around 60 AD or thereabouts.   


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