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Re: Theos-World Re: as above, so below

Jul 14, 2007 07:04 PM
by leonmaurer

According to the latest theories of modern physics, the universe is ai 
immense HOLOGRAM (1).  

This is interpreted to mean that every zero-point energy field between the 
particles -- which is analogous to the initial fields at the "big bang" (the 
macrocosm, as postulated in the ABC THEORY (2) of COSMOGENESIS (3) that is also 
consistent with the metaphysics in the Secret Doctrine) -- contains all the 
information of the entire universe ... Like the DNA molecule in every cell 
contains the structural information for all the proteins in the entire human body.  

This holographic relationship between the coenergetic fields of consciousness 
that HPB said were all "coadunate but not consubstantial," is also how the 
form body image, carried as holographic interference patterns in the Astral 
field, coenergetically (magnetically) correlates with the analogous physical body 
fields so as to place all the proteins manufactured by the DNA coded   
instructions, in their proper places throughout the body -- such as fingernails at 
the end of the fingers, the hip bones connected to the thigh bones, with the 
cartilage in between, etc., etc.   

It also determines the holographic interconnection between the visual mind 
and memory fields with the brain, and body image fields, hard wire linked to the 
muscular system, so that an outfielder can catch a high fly ball on the run 
and jump, or a practiced musician can play a piano concerto without thinking 
and with his eyes closed... Besides also explaining all psychic phenomena, such 
as near death experiences, out of body experiences, prescience, telepathy, 
etc., (which many of us have experienced) that conventional material science (not 
the "holograohic paradigm") cannot even acknowledge as being real.   Max 
Planck said that “An important scientific innovation rarely makes its way by 
gradually winning over and converting its opponents: What does happen is that the 
opponents gradually die out.”

Thus, we can say that some of the most advanced concepts of modern physics, 
as well as theosophical metaphysics, teaches, "As above, so below" -- which 
also corresponds to the Pythagorean maxims, "The microcosm is the mirror of the 
macrocosm," and "The universe geometrizes."  

In the Bible, it also says, "Man is made in the Image of God."   God, 
interpreted theosophically as meaning, the Cosmic consciousness   -- of which we are 
a reflection of at our zero-point center of individual consciousness located 
in the naval CHAKRA (4) and entangled with the Heart CHAKRA (5).   These 
relationships also illustrate the theosophical (now scientific) truth that all the 
transformations from above (macrocosm) to below (microcosm) can be completely 
understood by analogy and correspondence.


Hope this helps.

Leon Maurer

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> > Hi, I am new to theosophy, can someone please explain the phrase as
> above, so below; so above, as below
> >   Thanks!

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