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Re: Marriage and Reincarnation

Jul 14, 2007 03:13 PM
by proto37

   There's that big number again - 49 - 7 x 7.  Seems like a lot of
things happen to people when they hit 49.  One idea might be that one
finishes his main karma for that earthly life at that age - and then
what happens next is more subject to free-will, and what one makes of
it.  Get married - don't pass up the opportunity.  Its a long haul
through the rest of your life without a partner.

           - jake j.

--- In, Tom Robertson
<thomasrrobertson@...> wrote:
> By way of introduction, I'm a life member of the Theosophical Society
> (Adyar).  I was active in the Seattle lodge from 1994 through 1997.
> I've been subscribed to this list for a few years, but if I've ever
> posted, it hasn't been recently.  
> The older I get, the more I wonder how I might best prepare myself for
> my next lifetime.  I'm 49 years old and about to get married for the
> first time.  I was thinking about what vows I should make when I get
> married.  "Until death do us part" has always seemed so worldy to me.
> Why not "until death do us part to start out with and then, after
> death does us part, we agree that the survivor never remarries?"
> Isn't that ideal what Jesus implied when he said that "he who marries
> a divorced woman commits adultery?"  I suggested this to my fiancee,
> and she unhesitatingly said she wanted to make that agreement with me,
> but it scares me.  I risk decades of unnecessary loneliness if she
> died soon after we were married.  But even in that worst case
> scenario, might honoring that commitment to her have long term
> benefits in terms of, say, increased chances of finding her and having
> an even closer relationship with her in future lifetimes?
> I've always regarded ingrained fears as evidence of past lives.  I was
> born with a fear of heights and an aversion to cold water, so I assume
> that I might have died in recent lives by falling from a high place
> into cold water.  Doesn't "facing one's fears" and overcoming them
> have the long term benefit of them not being quite so ingrained the
> next time around?

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