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Re: Theos-World who is deluded, HPB-Besant-CWL or Krishnamurti ?

Jul 14, 2007 02:40 PM
by supreme_1l

Krishnamurti may be World-Teacher or he may not be. He may have
contact with the Masters or may not have. He may be right or may be
wrong. I told big differences that exist between Theosophy and
Krishnamurit's teaching. It surprises me when many officers in TS try
to justify that K's teaching and Theosophy are same. They are not,
because differences are very big and clear.
Buddha was a great Teacher. Does that mean we should worship Buddha in
Roman Catholic Church ? No.
Buddhist religion has it's own customs and philosophy. It does not
have God, whereas according to christianity, not believing in God is
greatest sin.
So you can see, we can not mix two religions just because both came
from same occult hierarchy. Similarly you can't mix Theosophy and
Krishnamurti's teaching even if both came from the same White
Brotherhood. Buddha and Jesus came from same brotherhood, but that
does not mean their teaching is same.
What I see in TS is many people are spreading false idea that
Theosophy and Krishnamurti teaching are same, when Krishnamurti taught
exactly opposite of Theosophy on major issues. If Krishnamurti was
true World-Teacher, he will succeed in doing that work through
Krishnamurti Foundation. From the beginning TS had different
principles, so TS must be kept seperate from Krishnamurti's teaching.

You can send those articles by e-mail.
Best regards.
Anand Gholap
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> everyone!
> mkr
> On 7/14/07, supreme_1l <AnandGholap@...> wrote:
> >
> > 1. Theosophical Society and it's main leaders like Blavatsky, Besant
> > and Leadbeater have always wrote on the importance of the Masters and
> > path of occultism. According to Krishnamurti Masters are not necessary
> > and path of occultism does not exist.
> > 2. According to Blavatsky-Besant-Leadbeater, study of books on
> > Theosophy and scriptures are important for spiritual development,
> > whereas according to Krishnamurti books corrupt minds of people.
> > 3. According to Theosophy there is gradual evolution of consciousness
> > and state of self-realization comes after evolution for long time,
> > whereas according to Krishnamurti there is no evolution, there is only
> > "sudden, radical, immediate change"
> > 4. According to Blavatsky-Besant-Leadbeater, man should consider
> > himself as reincarnating soul and consider future effects of his
> > present actions, whereas there is no place for reincarnation in
> > Krishnamurti's speeches. According to him people should not think
> > about future.
> >
> > As Krishnamurti's statements are exactly opposite of
> > Blavatsky-Besant-Leadbeater, one of the two teachings is wrong.
> > So who is deluded, Blavatsky-Besant-Leadbeater or Krishnamurti ?
> > Anand Gholap
> >
> > 
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