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Re: Theos-World who is deluded, HPB-Besant-CWL or Krishnamurti ?

Jul 14, 2007 11:02 AM
by M K Ramadoss



On 7/14/07, supreme_1l <> wrote:
> 1. Theosophical Society and it's main leaders like Blavatsky, Besant
> and Leadbeater have always wrote on the importance of the Masters and
> path of occultism. According to Krishnamurti Masters are not necessary
> and path of occultism does not exist.
> 2. According to Blavatsky-Besant-Leadbeater, study of books on
> Theosophy and scriptures are important for spiritual development,
> whereas according to Krishnamurti books corrupt minds of people.
> 3. According to Theosophy there is gradual evolution of consciousness
> and state of self-realization comes after evolution for long time,
> whereas according to Krishnamurti there is no evolution, there is only
> "sudden, radical, immediate change"
> 4. According to Blavatsky-Besant-Leadbeater, man should consider
> himself as reincarnating soul and consider future effects of his
> present actions, whereas there is no place for reincarnation in
> Krishnamurti's speeches. According to him people should not think
> about future.
> As Krishnamurti's statements are exactly opposite of
> Blavatsky-Besant-Leadbeater, one of the two teachings is wrong.
> So who is deluded, Blavatsky-Besant-Leadbeater or Krishnamurti ?
> Anand Gholap

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