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Re: Theos-World Marriage and Reincarnation

Jul 14, 2007 09:45 AM
by Tom Robertson

>glad to see your post.
>one of the things I learnt from life is that no one can see what the future
>is going to be. this includes future in this life time and the future lives.
>so why not concentrate on today and tomorrow and future lives will take care
>of themselves. between you and your future wife agree with what both of you
>are comfortable and both of you are then happy. One thing I always try to
>keep in view is a plan B if plan A does not work. Like a safety valve.

I believe that focusing on the present and on the future is one of the
many ways in which the ideal is a balance between opposites.  Focusing
on the present should only be taken so far.  All of our actions should
(or do) incorporate future consequences, even if they are guesses.  We
don't jump off bridges for this reason.  A long term view, possibly
without exception, is conducive to success rather than being short
sighted.  One of the great benefits to me of a theosophical view is
the ability to have a multi-lifetime, at least, point of view that
isn't based on a more religious idea of an afterlife, but on science
and observation.  But, of course, that shouldn't be taken so far that
the present is forgotten about, either.

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