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Two early German magazines online!

Jul 12, 2007 03:47 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

The Parapsychological Institute at the University of Freiburg has two old magazines now online, which are most interesting for Blavatsky students:

1. The Sphinx 
It was the first German theosophical magazine, edited by Hubbe-Schleiden from 1886-1896 in twenty-two vols.
Max Dessoir was a co-worker and he coined the term "parapsychology", which is common now.

2. Psychic Studies
A spiritualist magazine of Prof. Aksakov of of Petersburg, Russia. As the publication of his scientific research was forbidden in his country, he published his findings in Leipzig, Germany. Leipzig has with Profs. Zöllner and Fechner an occult background. There are also rumours that Mahatma K.H. stayed for one year in Leipzig, addending University lectures and having talks with Fechner.
HPB was befriends with Aksakov and helped him in her New York time to find rliable mediums for his research (cp. B:CW).

Intro page for magazines of the parapsychologial (esoterical) realm:


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