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Jul 10, 2007 01:16 PM
by leonmaurer

Some of you on my list might be interested in this letter to the author of a 
new scientific theory of Space-Time and Consciousness, claiming to be based on 
Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity... Which I claim is incomplete -- 
like all other materialist theories of science based on mathematical and 
observational proofs.   Apparently, Einstein also agreed with this -- since in his 
later life he gave up and admitted that it might be impossible to arrive at a 
unified field theory of everything (including consciousness) using the 
objectively oriented, matter based mathematics of modern physics.   

Interestingly, the philosopher David Chalmers set off the major scientific 
study of consciousness in the mid 90's by challenging science in claiming that 
physics could never solve the "hard problems" of explaining the experience of 
consciousness and the binding of mind to brain under its present materialistic 
paradigm.   So far, no one has been able to prove him wrong... And, explaining 
consciousness, mind, memory, and their linkages to brain, body, senses, and 
the rest of matter-energy, is still an enigma to science... As is gravity, 
unified fields and primal beginnings... All of which, theosophical metaphysics 
(that my ABC theory based on a new scientific paradigm is perfectly in accord 
with) solved long ago.   

So, we'll see how soon established science will catch up with us. (Although 
I'm not so sure it will happen in my present lifetime.;-)



I hope you won't mind if I jump back in with some comments and questions 
related to your STC paper at:

If, as you say, time and space are traveling at the speed of light -- at the 
beginning, prior to the "big  bang," when the universe was compressed at its 
smallest spatial and shortest time dimension -- wouldn't that supposedly 
initial condition of spacetime still have an even shorter time and space dimension 
between its outer circumference and the exact zero-point singularity at its 
geometric center? 

Nowhere do I see in your theory, where there is considered a primal cause of 
metric space, time, or consciousness (which apparently is non metric, timeless 
and motionless everywhere it's located).  Thus, I cannot see how you can say 
consciousness is the "stuff" of spacetime. Since, the images of spacetime in 
conscious mind, experienced directly by the observer, are apparently only the 
"contents of consciousness" -- but are not "consciousness" (awareness, will, 
desire, intent, perception, discernment, discrimination, decision, etc., etc.) 
per se.  However, if you could say that consciousness is the "root" of 
spacetime, it might make more sense.

Wouldn't there also have to be a potential source of global consciousness at 
that central point around which everything in the universe  rotates -- if, as 
you imply, consciousness is a quality of the "singularity" of spacetime -- 
which should be everywhere in the Planck vacuum, and, as I see it, have its 
primal source at the zero-point center of the spherical universe at its smallest 

Although, I'm not so sure that the universe, which appears to be holographic, 
could ever be in such a state -- even though SR and GR imply such a 
condition.  I'm more inclined to believe that primal SPACE is more like a B-E 
condensate that, counter intuitively, consists of an infinite number of such 
zero-points at zero degrees Kelvin acting everywhere as if it were a singularity.  

Therefore, I don't think the UNIVERSE collapses into itself, as some 
scientists picture it, but simply expands indefinitely until IT freezes into its near 
(if not) infinite black holes' zero-point spin fields, that each contain all 
ITS holographic structural information (encoded as wave interference patterns) 
-- until it's next cycle of manifestation, or awakening, causes it to 
physically reappear, and be mathematically described, and presumably observed as if it 
were a big bang expanding out of a single point. 

This is what I see as the illusion of spacetime and mass-energy that are the 
objects of the ubiquitous subjective observers -- who are conditioned by their 
senses to twist everything into a physical model... And, why the Zen 
practice, you also quote, says that one must fully experience the existing reality to 
finally realize the underlying unity of everything in pure awakened cosmic 
consciousness.  This is the state of Samadhi in the Vedic and Buddhist 

Doesn't all this mean that metric space must be a condition of an absolute 
unconditioned primal SPACE -- that, along with its inherent potential 
consciousness and noumenal matter, is forever beyond all physical space and time -- yet, 
the essential ground underlying all of it? Wouldn't that also make subjective 
human consciousness entirely separate from objective space, time and all 
material substance, and also, eternal -- as taught by all Zen (Chan, Dhyan, Dzyan) 
Buddhist masters who also believe in reincarnation?  This seems reasonable, 
since we are each also part of that hologram -- which replicates itself at 
every zero-point, metric or otherwise.  Doesn't this also coincide with the 
Buddhist concepts of there being no abiding individual self?  And that consciousness 
and matter are dependently arising?

Can we imagine any spherical field of spacetime, existing in absolute empty 
SPACE as pure energy or circumferential vibrational waves of that SPACE, and 
not having its initial centrifugal origin at the zero-point center of that 
field, as well as every sub field within and surrounding it?  How could any single 
(one dimensional) circular line, ray or string of force endlessly weaving a 
spherical fields not originate centrifugally from its zero-point center -- 
especially if that geometric point was fundamentally circular (as spin) itself, 
metric or not?  See: ;

Such a beginning seems to be the only way the entire physical spacetime 
continuum -- starting at every zero-point center of ZPE in the Planck space, to the 
furthest extent of cosmic space -- could originate periodically. Each time at 
a higher level of experiential intelligence.  See:

Doesn't relativity theory imply that the singularity must have immense, if 
not infinite potential energy, in order to empower that spacetime expansion and 
also furnish and support all the mass-energy throughout the cosmos? 

Wouldn't that initial expansion have to be impelled outward by a near 
infinite force of repulsive gravitation?  Why wouldn't that positive and negative 
gravitational force, which cannot arise out of nothing, not have to be due to the 
initial spin momentum in opposite directions on only one axes of the 
spherical zero-point center of the overall expanding field of spacetime?   Also, how 
does your theory explain the continued acceleration of universal expansion due 
to so called Dark Matter?  And, how would it explain the cause of such matter 
that, apparently, is at least double the mass-energy of our visible 
spacetime?  (The dark matter spacetime fields could be spinning on the two other 
perpendicular axes of that spherical singularity.)

As I see it, while we cannot give IT any attributes, or comprehend what IT is 
composed of... Since IT is beyond all finite thought or conceptualizations... 
That ineffable zero-point of absolute SPACE and its infinite abstract motion 
(angular momentum), located everywhere in the Plank vacuum, would have to be 
the primal source of both consciousness and spacetime, along with all the 
fractally involved higher order hyperspace fields (the "quantum foam") -- whose ZPE 
energizes and supports all the quantum particle fields of mass-energy 
surrounding IT.

This is the only way I can imagine (1) explaining the holographic nature of 
the spacetime universe, our inner vision, the DNA molecule located in every 
cell of every sentient being -- whose inner and surrounding fractal field 
structures, at their highest human expression, are the reflections of the entire 
ideal macrocosm...  And (2) also explaining the holographic informational linkages 
between consciousness (awareness, will) and the fields of mind, memory, 
brain, body, senses in perfect correlation with the holographic visual and aural 
image reflections of the outer world.  IOW, how zero-point consciousness, as an 
absolute reference point between the observer/perceiver and the outer world, 
allows the ball player to catch a high fly on the run and jump?  Or, how we can 
pinpoint the exact location of a particular instrument in a symphony 
orchestra, etc.?  For an overview of these fields in the human body and their esoteric 
Buddhist correlation's, see:

Thus, it appears that consciousness is far more than simply spacetime or a 
function of it.

There's more questions about the STC theory I'd like to discuss with you -- 
with reference to my ABC hypothesis... But this is enough for now.  Note that 
these are serious problems in your theory -- which if unanswered will make it 
as incomplete as is every other theory of physics... That, so far, have not 
been able to solve the hard problems initially posed by Chalmers (of explaining 
the experience of consciousness and mind-brain binding). 

I hope that our dialogue might lead to answers that would be acceptable to 
all scientific and philosophical disciplines.

Best regards,


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