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"Esoteric Buddhism" by A.P. Sinnett, Part 2

Jul 09, 2007 08:42 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Here is what Master K.H. said about ESOTERIC BUDDHISM:

"Writing a new book, or for the Theosophist?" Well do you not think 
that (since your desire is to reach not merely the most but also the 
most receptive minds) you had better write the former, as well as for 
the latter? You might put into Esoteric Buddhism -- an excellent 
title by the bye -- such matter as would be a sequel to, or 
amplification of what has appeared in the Theosophist, a systematic, 
thoughtful exposition of what was and will be given in the Journal in 
snatched out brief Fragments. . . . Your new book drawing as it is 
sure to -- the attention of the most educated, thoughtful portion of 
the Western public to the organ of "Esoteric Buddhism" par 
excellence -- would thus do it a world of good, and both would prove 
of mutual assistance. . . . You have ample materials to work upon in 
my notes and papers. You have given but a few of the many points 
touched by me and amplified and re-amplified in heaps of letters, as 
I do now. You could work out of them any number of new articles and 
Fragments for the magazine, and have enough and to spare -- left over 
for the book. . . .
Quoted from:

...Be certain, that with a few undetectable mistakes and omissions 
notwithstanding, your "Esoteric Buddhism" is the only right 
exposition -- however incomplete -- of our Occult doctrines. You have 
made no cardinal, fundamental mistakes; and whatever may be given to 
you hereafter will not clash with a single sentence in your book but 
on the contrary will explain away any seeming contradiction. . . .
Quoted from:

...A Herbert Spencer would have made a mess of it under your 
circumstances. Mohini [in his book MAN] is certainly not quite right, 
in some details he is positively wrong, but so are you my old friend, 
though the outside reader is none the wiser for it and no one, so 
far, has noticed the real vital errors in Esoteric Buddhism and Man 
[book by Mohini Chatterji and Laura Holloway]; nor are they likely 
to. We can give no further information on the subject already 
approached by you. . . . The Secret Doctrine will explain many 
things, set to right more than one perplexed student. . . . 
Quoted from: 


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