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Re: CollectedWritings.NET

Jul 04, 2007 12:00 PM
by proto37

   Yes, Ton's site looks a LOT better than the last time I looked at
it.  WHY.... I wonder tho, can't they be downloaded somewhere a whole
vol at a time - which with a fast connection can be done in a second
or a min. or two with dial up - which is easier reading, saving, etc.
'Instead of downloading all the articles per vol.  Now that I think of
it, I think the SD and ISIS at TUP is that way too.  There seems a
hidden perversity, that if you give away something "free" that one has
to put difficulties in the way also, usually, to "make them pay." 
Good to have them online tho.
          - jake j.

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> You can always easily access H.P.B.'s 
> Collected Writings at:
> Also at:
> Daniel

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