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Sterling quote in 7-07 Theosophy World

Jul 04, 2007 11:33 AM
by proto37

Theosophy World article

    James Sterling had a good article 
in the July Theosophy World, "Expanding 
Consciousness," but I wonder about the 
following sentence:

"The Universal Mind is the seven-rayed 
Savior God through which man must ascend 
from darkened mindlessness to the perfect 
state of all-knowing mindlessness.  Thus 
the mind is the Savior-God who leads 
the soul to the comprehension of Self."

    It seems that if we lose "mind" or 
manas, then we can't be "all-knowing," 
and also we would lose our individuality, 
because "buddhi" is basically a universal 
principle.  So the end result of evolution 
can't be called "all-knowing mindlessness." 
 No mind, no individual experience, or memory.

        - jake j.


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