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Religions, Mythologies, Cults & Symbolism: Recommended Titles

Jul 02, 2007 11:34 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Religions, Mythologies, Cults and Symbolism:  
Recommended Titles

I remember when I first discovered Theosophy and when
I first started reading Mme. Blavatsky's books especially

There were hundreds and hundreds of words, terms, persons, mentioned 
that I had never heard about and had no idea as to what these terms 
meant, etc.  Mithras, gnosticism, parsi, Plotinus, Ragnarok, etc. 
etc. etc., etc.

Where could I find some basic reliable and fairly simple explanations 
and information?

Where could I find a concise overview of some of these subjects and 

I guess there are many approaches to this.  But over the years I have 
collected for my personal library scores of books that would help me 
gain a basic understanding of the various religions, mythologies, 
etc. of the world that are mentioned in H.P.B.'s writings.

I have started a new webpage that gives some of these basic works 
that I have found very helpful in giving me the background necessary 
to understand what H.P. Blavatsky is referrring to when she writes 
about all these various religions, mythologies, symbols, etc.

The reader can see the basic list at:

Now I realize that some of these works are somewhat expensive but 
they are worth every penny one has to pay for them.  

Of course, those who may not have the money can find SOME reliable 
information on the WWW but unfortunately there is not as much 
material on the web as one might expect and much of this material is 
not reliable, etc.

Previously, I have tried to create webpages that would provide easy 
access to this free online material.  Some of those pages are as 

(1) Exploring the UNKNOWN:  An Encyclopedia of Essential Information 
on the Esoteric, the Metaphysical, the Mystical, the Mythic, the New 
Age, the Occult, the Paranormal, the Philosophical, the Religious, 
the Spiritual, the Theosophical, and Related Subjects
This webpage gives access to the wealth of info in Wikepedia but 
unfortunately the material on religions and related subjects in 
Wikepedia is not always accurate, uptodate and reliable.  Some 
articles are well done while others are full of errors, etc.

(2) ReligiousLinks.NET
Links to basic information & articles on various religions

(3) Religion, Mythology, Philosophy & Psychology Subjects
in The Columbia Encyclopedia

(4)An Encyclopedic Dictionary of Hinduism

Hope some of this helps.

In the near future, I want to write more about the various books 
listed at:

and highlight some of the valuable material found in these various 
reference works.


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