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Re: Theos-World Man is the philosopher?s stone -

Jul 01, 2007 03:20 AM
by Sveinn Freyr

Jayananda  -

Yes, in order to explore the inner world and the higher worlds, one
must be able to leave the physical body by a method of internal
instructions. I studied a method of this kind for few years and left
my physical body better awake than present in the body. At that time I
was 21 years old and I was away from my dense body for about 12 hours.
It is all important to evoke the cooperation of the higher self before
trying that method. One must control the breathing and also the heart
beat by will.

You wrote about "the great treasures?"

There are also great miseries in the lower worlds and one can not ignore that.


Sveinn Freyr

----------------You wrote:---------------------

A little more explanation will be welcome.

Could it mean that man/woman has to explore inside and discover the
great treasures? Krishnamurti's exposition of meditation is very
relevant in this contest.

The India word, Guru, was explained by a friend as"Gee! you are you!"

Jayananda H. hiranandani

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