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Possessed Person Stories

Jun 29, 2007 05:04 AM
by proto37

Possessed People Stories

   I've had reason to think about this lately, and while I used to
think whatever I was thinking about was individual, since I've found
that it is often a general current and something a lot of people are
thinking about, sometimes.

    Blavatsky doesn't say too much about this, although there are some
references, and also in her "Night-mare Tales" fiction.  Leoline
Wright's novel "The Jewel of Atlantis" serialized in "Theosophical
Forum" is about it.  The german mystic Kerning in the first volume or
2 in "The Path" has a less severe account serialized in a few issues.
 Most of the stories I have are from 25-30 years ago when I was in
non-theosophical esoteric group, Richard Rose was the teacher.

     One story Rose used to tell was about some political hippie-types
that showed up at his place, and of one of the women he said that he
saw a "thing" standing behind her. (He usually didn't make such
observations.)  He out-right asked her.  "Do you have an enitity? I
see something standing behind you."  She said, surprisingly, "Yes, I
have One now.  I used to have Four."  She wanted cured, which
presumably is why she came to see him.  He asked her about herself,
her recent life-story.  She revealed she had been involved in a murder
- and of course this was the key.  He said he could not do anything
for her.  He told her that if she wanted cured, she had to "live the
life," totally clean up her life an live pure - if she could be cured
at all, which is doubtful, in this life-time.  'Like the exorcist
Jesus supposedly said, "Go, and sin no more!"

   Another possessed person was a motorcycle gang type.  He started
hanging around the group, and told Rose he had problems and wanted
cured.  He was a nasty type and R told him he couldn't do anything. 
After R gave a lecture in Cleveland, this guy was waiting for him
outside, confronted R - swinging a chain to hit him and threaten him
with - trying to stop R, and saying "You either help me or else!" 
Rose shoved him aside and kept on going.

    One type at least brings the smell of sulphur along with them. 
'The "fire and brimstone (sulphur)" of the Bible.  Crudely, it always
smells like someone is flastulant around them.  One guy who came to
group meetings at Kent State was like this.  Don't know why, other
than the guy was strange, and married to a 60 yr-old woman at 25. 
There was another guy who came to the Kent meetings who was the same
way.  He was always lighting matches to cover up the smell.  Someone
asked him about it, and he admitted it, and said he got possessed, or
at least a "thing" hanging around him and couldn't get rid of it.  He
ascribed it to some Tibetan tantra rituals he had been into.  'And
this is the end result of a lot of would-be "magicians."

    Another possession story relates to Rose.  One can read his
account of it in "The Pregnant Witch" online in one of the "TAT
Journals," also he didn't tell the whole story.  Well, any how, this
was a young petite woman, who would do a chant and the result was that
any man would be seduced by her.  An ex-minister got entrapped by her,
was traveling with her, and was trying to find some way to cure her. 
He said they would stop for gas on the road, and the gas station
attendant would end up with her in the restroom.  They broke down in
Rose's town, and someone refered them to Rose, "As he was the type of
guy who would help them out."  One thing led to another, the minister
related the story to R, and R told the woman to try her hoodoo on him.
 She sat in front of R and went into a chant.  R said it was a
powerful affect, that she even seemed to "melt", and change.  R didn't
succumb to the chant.  The minister was over-joyed, "She's cured! 
She's cured!"  Well, that was doubtful.

   Rose related another story I have on tape somewhere.  He was
investigating spiritualism in the 50's or 60's and came upon a bona
fide medium who could cause materializations.  He and the
investigative group he was in arranged for a sitting, and went through
all the precautions to prevent fraud, stripping the guy down to his
underwear.  He said forms appeared, with no eyes, and would descend
right down through a concrete floor.  They would answer questions.  He
said there was some kind of "widjet" elf-like creature that appeared
and was in charge of things apparently.  They medium had children who
travelled with him, and R talked to them later when the medium stayed
over night.  The kids knew about this "widjet" and had a name for it.
 They said that the widjet "wouldn't let their daddy sleep" and that
"it jumped up and down on him all night."  

   I hadn't smelled this "sulphur" smell in the air for 20+ years, and
had about forgot about it, but it started occuring strangely in
different situations - shortly after I talked to a guy on the phone,
who was referred to me by a theosophic friend.  They thought the guy
was "obsessed", and being a typical sincere theosophist-type was
trying to "be compassionate" and friendly.  (Which opens a door, that
can't afford to be opened.)  Strange things started happening around
their apartment.  The person became sick, someone fell down a flight
of stairs and was near-fatally injured.  The theosophist said they
were alone in a room and something invisible physically pushed them
and they fell against a dresser.  Things happened here also, a sulphur
smell filled up a car me and friends were in for no cause.  For a
whole half a day, the sulphur smell was around my living quarters as
well as a "presence." (I burnt incense and played Tibetan chants.) 
So.... you can't be friendly with every one. You open yourself up to
influences, and open up also your friends to the same influences. 
Compassion has its limits, as do all things relative, and the
"bodhisattva vow" an abstraction, and not personal beyond a certain
point.  The adepts and chelas certainly "harden their heart" and "cut
people off" on a practical level, as can be seen by the literature
(i.e. Sinnett, Hume, people thrown out of the society, etc.) Purucker
or the MLs, I think, describes somehwere how adepts have to be able to
separate themselves from those they've personally known or loved, who
may be destined for avitchi.

          - jake j.


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