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Madhva on "God", the Soul and the World

Jun 26, 2007 09:47 AM
by danielhcaldwell

In the entry on Madhva (the Hindu philosopher and exponent of Dvaita) 
in THE OXFORD COMPANION TO PHILOSOPHY, one finds the following 

...Warning that you cannot adore God if you think that you are
identical with him, he [Madhva] also celebrates all five differences
denied by the idealist monists, namely,

God...[is distinct from] the world,

God...[is distinct from you or I am distinct from God],

I... [am distinct from] you,

I...[am distinct from] the table,

the table...[is distinct from] the chair....

Liberation, attainable only through devoted worship of the personal
God, brings blissful proximity to, but never equality with, God,
though some sinners (non-dualists?) remain eternally damned!

Compare the above with what I have quoted in several recent postings 
of quotes from the Master K.H.


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