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"...he knows that he is...identical...with the universal life and soul...."

Jun 26, 2007 09:38 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Master K.H. gives some insights into the teachings 
of the adepts on "God":

...If people are willing to accept and to regard as God our ONE LIFE
immutable and unconscious in its eternity they may do so and thus
keep to one more gigantic misnomer. But then they will have to say
with Spinoza that there is not and that we cannot conceive any other
substance than God;...and thus become Pantheists....

. . We are not Adwaitees, but our teaching respecting the one life
is identical with that of the Adwaitee with regard to Parabrahm. And
no true philosophically trained Adwaitee will ever call himself an
agnostic, for he knows that he is Parabrahm and identical in every
respect with the universal life and soul -- the macrocosm is the
microcosm and he knows that there is no God apart from himself, no
creator as no being. Having found Gnosis we cannot turn our backs on
it and become agnostics.
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