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Re: Without Faith we can not pray.

Jun 26, 2007 02:28 AM
by Sveinn Freyr

Nigel -

Thank you for presenting the text from the Key to Theosophy. It comes
to hand useful to clarify Blavatsky's position on prayer:

There are some factors that I want to comment on. When we enter The
Monad Wheel by going through the "Philosophers Stone" then we have
unified with our Spirit Man in the Monad. When the person man, the
soul man and the Spirit Man can unify in conscious cooperation, then
the Monad is about to burst open. Experiencing unification in the
Monad Wheel gives much knowledge and there is much to learn and see.
What is the most worth to notice is how our LOGOS embraces all. He is
ever present with all, and embracing all and that gives JOY.

It is a misunderstanding to say that prayer is rather done by
"internal command." It is better to say that prayer is done by
internal opening to "The High" for a look in need. It is then left to
"The High" to decide what to do. Most often these cases in need are in
the Ether World.

 - Extract from the Key to Theosophy:
ENQUIRER. Is there any other kind of prayer?
THEOSOPHIST. Most decidedly; we call it WILL-PRAYER, and it is rather
an internal command than a petition.
ENQUIRER. To whom, then, do you pray when you do so?
THEOSOPHIST. To "our Father in heaven" -- in its esoteric meaning.


Sveinn Freyr

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